Sump Pumps

Are you worried about water backup in your basement?

you are right to be, because The moisture on the wall can also lead to mildew and mold growth, eventually creating health problems and breathing hazards.

You need to call professionals, like Karlo and Brothers plumbing.

Our experts will determine the best type of pump and the best location of your particular situation.

A sump pump installation in your basement can be a big help when installed properly and also a regular maintenance is very important to keep it in a good working order, we are making sure your residential or commercial property in New Jersey is protected day and night.

We also offer sump pump alarms having a sensor to indicate dangerous water levels on your sump pump. If the water is close to overflowing, the alarm will sound, if that happen contact Karlo and Brothers for 24/7 plumbing emergency service.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have a Sump Pump installed:

-Prevent flooding and rainwater damage.

-Keeps basement humidity levels low and smelly odors.

-Reduces mold and mildew from accumulating and growing in your basement.


-Reduce your home insurance premium.

-Preserve your property’s value.

call today and prevent flooding damage and the high insurance premiums.

However, remember this tips to make sure your sump pump is in a good working order

-lift the float up and the pump should come on.

-make sure it is not restricted float switch on the sump pump.

It is necessary to keep the pit free of debris and this will ensure that your sump pump can still keep your basement dry.

Contact Karlo and Brothers Plumbing for repair or install a new high quality submersible sump pump in your residential or commercial property in New Jersey.