TV Camera Pipe Inspection

camera.jpgIf you're buying a home, business place or already own one, and want to know under what conditions this drain pipes are under your slab floor, (these are repairs that sometimes can be a little tedious), consult us before making this investment . We can show you the condition of the pipes before we get started. We can provide you with video evidence for personal or insurance purposes.

Pipe Location

Find the location of your sewer pipe, or drain lines outside of your home or business. Video cameras are among the most used tools in the plumbing business, as these are capable to inspect pipes and determining in real time the shape of them.

These pipes may be in poor condition due to:

  • The blockades of foreign objects
  • The bellies on pipe arches
  • Tree roots
  • Damaged pipe

Maintenance Contract

Our maintenance contract agreement helps customers save Thousands of dollars on having sewer lines replaced. Call today to Karlo and Brothers for an appointment and one of our technicians will be at your home the day you want
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